Currer Hathaway

Stars, hide your fires ...

About Currer

Currer Hathaway is a writer, Classically trained actor, director, visual artist, publishing consultant, and marketing specialist.

Her performance career spans more than 20 years of stage, screen, and audio shenanigans. When not in front of an audience, she can be found in the proverbial director's chair, preferably in an environment requiring footlights. Most other times she's contentedly cloistered with a clowder of cats, honing her multitasking abilities by attempting to write whilst dodging domesticated murder mitts.

An elusive ghostwriter 91.3% of the time, Currer specializes in memoir, fiction, children's literature, and video game dialogue and regularly works with independent authors, established writers, game developers, and media personalities. She’d love to tell you more, but lawyers are costly and NDAs are a tricky business.

She’s big on gaming, English Renaissance theatre, and Richard Dean Anderson.

Get in Touch

Say hello! Send pictures of your pets!

If you sought me out because of a referral, be sure to let me know who sent you so I can update my Christmas card spreadsheet accordingly.

I have a waiting list for new (non-referred) consulting and/or writing clients at the moment, but don't let that stop you from reaching out. General housekeeping: please note that 'exposure' isn't a widely accepted currency where I live. I buy my groceries using rare gemstones cultivated from the unbridled rage of demon mountain llamas just like everybody else.

Proposals for collaborations are always welcome! Proposals for collaborations on Michael Caine-esque heists are intriguing but generally frowned upon by my lawyer (he's not much fun).